Hello, we are the new school council members. 

We each want to be a member of St Bede's School Council because we feel like we are helpful, friendly and trustworthy members of our class who are good role models, we feel that have the ability to make changes to our school and have a good impact.

We are all good listeners and are sensible members of our classes.  We are good with younger children and want to make St Bede's the best that it can be.

As a school council member we will work together to make sure that our school environment is a good place, we will be supportive and help the children in our school.  We will work together and try to sort out any problems.


Remember, if you need us we are always here to help!

In 2019 / 2020 some of the projects we want to work on as a school council are:

  • Playground equipment and organisation
  • School library
  • Enrichment activities
  • A Council notice board
  • Outdoor area


One of our projects this year is to help to improve our outdoor area.  We have been working in the Prayer Garden with Mrs Anderson and our friend Hilda from the Parish to plant some bulbs to brighten up the area.