School Sanctuary

School of Sanctuary


St Bede’s School are embarking on a National Project to become named as a School of Sanctuary.  We are an inclusive school, reflected by our Mission Statement: ‘As one…’ and we strive to make all children, and families, welcome in our school family, irrespective of where people come from or what they look like.


A School of Sanctuary is one that is a place of welcome to all, particularly those who have been forcibly displaced from their own homes.  It is a school which educates its young people, staff and whole school community about what is means to be seeking sanctuary and why it is so important that everyone is treated ‘As One’ and feels welcome, valued and equal in our school community. 


The three main elements of becoming a School of Sanctuary are:

Learn:  Learn about what it means to be seeking sanctuary, issues surrounding people who are seeking sanctuary and how to support those who are seeking sanctuary within the school.

Embed:  Embed concepts of welcome, safety and inclusion into their very fabric, and that share and celebrate their achievement.

Share:  Share their values and activities across the entire school community, with students, families and in their local community.


We are currently working with other Schools of Sanctuary in the Local Authority to review our current practice and ensure that we are working positively to promote safety and sanctuary in our school.