Bug Club Phonics Structure

Bug Club Phonics Programme Structure

Early Years - Reception

 Phase 2 sounds are taught in the following order.

Phase 2

units (Bug Club sequence)

    Sounds taught

       Tricky Words   

Units 1 and 2

   s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d


Unit 3

   g, o, c, k


Unit 4

   ck, e, u, r

         the, no, go

Unit 5

   h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

         I, into, her


The children are then taught phase 3 sounds.

Phase 3

units (Bug Club sequence)        

        Sounds taught

          Tricky Words

Unit 6

          j, v, w, x

         me, be

Unit 7

         y, z, zz, qu

       he, my, by, she

Unit 8

        ch, sh, th, ng


Unit 9

      ai, ee, igh, oa, oo (long), oo (short)          

      we, are

Unit 10

      ar, or, ur, ow, oi


Unit 11

     ear, air, ure, er

      all, was, give, live


  When the children are confident in phase 2 and 3 sounds they progress to phase 4.

Phase 4 units (Bug Club


            Sounds taught

           Tricky Words

Unit 12

        Adjacent consonants consolidation            (cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc, cccvc, cccvcc)

           said, have, like, so, do, some,                       come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what


 Year 1

At the beginning of Year 1, the children consolidate their learning from the end of Early Years by revisiting the phase 4 sequence where they also have the opportunity to apply their previously learnt phase 2 and 3 knowledge. Children then progress to phase 5 where they learn a set of new graphemes, alternative pronunciations for graphemes already known and alternative spellings for phonemes. At the end of Year one, the children sit their Phonics Screening Test in the summer term.

Phase 5 units (Bug Club


           Sounds taught              

              Tricky Words

Unit 13

              wh, ph                     

           oh, their, people

Unit 14

      Long a: ay, a-e, eigh, ey, ei

              Mr, Mrs, Ms

Unit 15

         Long e: ea, e-e, ie, ey, ei

           looked, called, asked

Unit 16

           Long i: ie, i-e, y, I                  

             water, where

Unit 17

           Long o: ow, oe, o/oe

             who, again

Unit 18

   Long u: ew, ue, u-e short oo: u, oul

            thought, through

Unit 19

                 aw, au, al

           work, laughed, because

Unit 20

                 ir, er ear

          Thursday, Saturday, thirteen,                                      thirty

Unit 21

                  ou, oy

               different, any, many

Unit 22

             ere, eer, are, ear

                   eyes, friends

Unit 23

               c, k, ck, ch

                  two, once

Unit 24

             ce/ci/cy, sc/stl/se

                 great, clothes

Unit 25

                 ge/gi/gy, dge

                   It’s, I’m I’ll, I’ve

Unit 26

               Le, mb, kn/gn, wr

                    don’t, can't, didn’t

Unit 27

         tch, sh, ea, zh, (w)a, o

                     first, second third


Year 2

In Year 2, daily phonics lessons follow the phase 6 sequence of Bub Club Phonics looking at suffix morphemes, plural morphemes and prefix morphemes. Spelling, grammar and punctuation lessons continue throughout the year in addition to daily literacy lessons. Children who need to take their Phonics Screening Test again at the end of Year 2 will do so in the summer term. Extra interventions will be put in place to help these children to ‘catch up’.

Phase 6 units (Bug Club





                Tricky Words

Unit 28

      Suffix morphemes: ing, ed

       clearing, gleaming, rained, mailed

Unit 29

         Plural morphemes: s, es

         men, mice, feet, teeth, sheep

Unit 30

    Prefix morphemes: re, un prefix +

               root + suffix

             Vowel consonant prefix

                  suffix syllable