Family Christmas Lunch 2023

Fun Family Christmas Lunch
On 6th and 7th December, we hosted a family Christmas lunch.  Parents were invited to join their children to share in Christmas lunch.  It was a wonderful event, enjoyed by many, here is what some of our parents thought:
- Very special and great helpers!  It was very organised.  Thanks again
- Lovely to have parents together, lovely time with kids, nice lunch.
- Lunch was delicious, and also the company.
- Blooming lovely!  Thank you all.  Merry Christmas!
- Made a lovely change.  Lovely atmosphere.  Merry Christmas!
- Wonderful lunch with festive cheer.
- Staff great, very helpful!
- Great experience, lovely food!
- Had a wonderful Christmas lunch with my beautiful grandaughter.  Wonderful idea!
- Loved the food and music!
- Brilliant dinner.  Thank you all!
- Thanks for inviting parents in.  Please do it again and give even more notice so that we can both come!
- Nice to see part of their day.
- Brilliant.  Great service.  Very Christmassy!