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Parent Workshops October 2023

Reading at the earliest stages becoming a fluent, skilled and attentive reader starts at the earliest stages, before children encounter a book for the first time, partly driven by the quality of their parents’ talk with them that expands their vocabulary and comprehension….parents who engage their children in books prepare them to become committed and enthusiastic readers: they can transform their attitudes to reading.

The Reading Framework 2023


Early Reading Sessions for Parents

Here at St Bede’s, we are wholly committed to ensuring every child learns to read at the earliest opportunity. We understand that working in partnership with parents is the most effective way of supporting the children on the most important journey of their school career – their reading journey. We are always looking at innovative and interesting ways of engaging parents in their child’s learning. We were extremely excited to offer parents the opportunity to be part of three ‘Early Reading’ sessions taking place over three weeks led by Miss Coatsworth our Early Reading and Phonics Lead. These sessions focused on how parents and school can work together to best support children as they start on their reading journey.

The sessions provided participating parents opportunities to get to know each other, learn about the teaching of phonics in school and how we teach their child to read and learn about reading for pleasure with their child

Each week there was also a small free resource to take away to use at home! The magnetic letters, phonics games and story book ‘The Big Red Bath’ by Julia Jarman and Adrian Reynolds proved very successful amongst our parents and their children!


How have the reading sessions helped you?


“It has been really good getting to understand better how the phonics programme works and how children are taught reading. I now know better how to help my children to develop their reading.” Helen Cunningham


“The sessions have helped me to understand how story books can help in making reading for my daughter fun and more educative. The teacher helped to make us understand the importance of reading and helping our children to learn. Passionate about reading.” Anonymous


“It has helped me understand what is being taught in the class and where I can support my little one at home. New games to play and help improve concentration.” Mandy Harris


“It has been really lovely to have different ways of making learning fun. We have particularly enjoyed playing the phonics games and we’ve had great fun using a whiteboard and the magnetic letters to practice letter recognition and decoding.” Chloe James


“These are good sessions. Now I have a better idea of how my child is being taught in school and how I can assist my child Favour at home.” Mercy Anesah


“I was able to make and play games to help with their phonics and speech.” Shahema Begum


“Gave me ideas for me to help Matthew with his reading and help me with his Phonics work.” Rachel Rutherford


“I have really enjoyed the sessions and feel that it has put me in a better position to give Sophia all of the support she needs to become a good reader.” Anthony McCourt


“Given me different ideas on how to help her especially the different activities/games I can play to help with phonics.” Anonymous


“I got to know a lot about books/stories that I can read to my kids. The way I can talk about the pictures in the book.” Amira and Noah’s Mum